Tuesday, May 31, 2011

New Tunes Tuesday

What else could go with my newest blog entry than this?? A little motivation to what I'm listening to in the gym!!  I've finally turned into what my husband has always wanted...a country girl! ( I mean, I am from TEXAS!)  I can't wait for this new cd by Luke Bryan...LOVE IT!!


    Well...it has been a while since I have updated.  And lets just say that my little family has been keeping busy.  I'm finally down to counting the weeks until my husband's return.  And I must say that this deployment has flown by rather quickly.  The only problem is...now my weeks seem to be dragging.  So of course, that means that I try to keep the kids occupied, and try to stay out of the house.  The weather has been helping.  The sun and the heat are finally out...and we've been keeping busy at the beach and the pool.  I will update with pictures soon.
    On another note, I recently started up on my 5 week of Insanity.  The results are good, and the first day of my second month workout was rather 'KICK ASS!'  It is no longer a 40 minute workout, but now an hour long workout.  And it is crazy...INSANE.  I've finally reached my ULTIMATE GOAL.  And I can finally put on blast some of my numbers.  I will say that 3 1/2 years ago I started my journey of working out.  I started at the weight of 189.  I mean it just sneaks up on you, after having a couple of kids, and being out of work for a few years...you tend to lose yourself.  Everything revolves around being a mommy and wifey.  Everyone's needs and wants on the list always seem to come before your own.  So its only natural that I put myself last. With the help of my honey, and some of his NAVY PRT exercises I began a rigorous workout.  I began a new diet, and dropped out all my sugar drinks and stuck to just water.  And I began to run.  My first run was only one lap around the track, but through all the shin splints and soreness, I stuck through it.  It has take a few years, but I'm proud to say that I'm in the best shape of my life.  When once I could barely run a lap around the track, I'm now running 5-7 miles a day. 
    Throughout this journey, I've set small goals.  And every time I would reach that goal, I would just make up a new one.  And, well, my ultimate goal was to weigh in at 115.  And, this past week, I finally reached it!  I have NEVER been this tiny.  And I  NEVER thought that I would get into a size 3/4, but I did.  And now I'm just dedicated to staying healthy and helping others who need advice. 
    Although I am smaller in size, I have never changed inside.  I'm still me.  My little sister and I joke about me having the 'ugly duckling syndrome'...and if you ever saw the movie SHALLOW HAL, you know what we're talking about.  But in other words...it basically means that I was born an 'ugly duckling'. ( I mean I was always told I was cute), but in the end the 'ugly duckling' turns into a beautiful swan.  And because I was a timid tomboy, I never thought I was 'hot stuff'.  So I never had the attitude that many of the 'snobby', 'young', 'always beautiful', 'I can eat anything and everything and never gain a pound' girls tend to have.  I'm still me!
    So my advice to anyone out there that is starting on a new weight loss journey:  Stick to it, take it slow, and go one day at a time.  Don't get discouraged when you don't see the results you want in a week.  Don't EVER believe the magazine ads, and late night infomercials that have you thinking you can lose 30lbs in 2 weeks.  It has taken me over 3 years, and I'm still sticking to it.  If you take your time, you will learn to love the workout routine, and it will become part of your lifestyle.  And, please, stay true to yourself.  Instead of making others feel bad about themselves, give helpful hints...encourage other women and just be YOU. 


Monday, May 9, 2011

One Happy Mama

   Since the other half has been away for some months now, I've found myself making events just a tad bit grander than usual.  And, of course, it didn't stop me from making my only son's 8th birthday another grand event to mark off the calendar. 
    My mother's day weekend started off on Friday night.  I, along with my good friend Katie, attended the halfway party for my husband's command.  Of course it is a little more than halfway through, but nonetheless, it was a momentous occasion.  I finally got to meet up with some girls whom were merely facebook friends, but so much fun in person.  And in the ballroom filled with mainly well dressed women, we were able to spend the night without the kids, and let loose, as us full time mommies so seldom get to do.  There was great food, great music, and GREAT drinks.  But the most anticipated moment of the night was when we were able to watch the video sent to us as a gift from our loved ones overseas.  Just getting the slightest glimpse of the man I love...sent my heart on a flutter.  The night ended, and the kids and I spent the night in the beautiful hotel.
   Saturday marked another occasion off the calendar.  My son's 8th birthday bash.  We had planned for a backyard camp out for weeks.  And 4 little guys made the party complete!  The boys enjoyed 'Galactic Pizza', 'Cheezy Sabers'-(Cheeto Puffs), 'Yoda Soda'-(Lime sherbert/lime soda), and of course cake and my very own 'Jedi ice cream sandwiches'.

Then the boys enjoyed the little Jedi lounge I made for them in the garage.  It was a 'boys only' club which included more snacks, and of course every boys favorite...Wii entertainment!
When the sun finally went down, I broke out the glow in the dark sabers and necklaces...which very quickly became the discs from the current movie Tron.  (Boys and their imaginations!)  They began battling and calling themselves 'gamers' and 'users'.

    I thought the night would finally come to an end around 10, when I had tucked all the little guys into the tent...but, boy, was I wrong!
I think my backdoor opened every 2 minutes with complaints about noises, rain, tsunamis, and acrobatic strangers who just might of jumped the fence to ruin the guy's night.  So the night actually ended around midnight, when two of the 5 boys slept in the living room.

   And, of course, my Mother's day began at exactly 6am.  The boys had all made it back into the house, and they were ready for some warm breakfast.  So I served up 5 plates of scrambled eggs, sausage, and toast...and one bowl of rice crispy cereal.  Then after much begging, the boys finally got their party bags.  Which they loved, and I just had to take a pic of the funny items they had in their bags.

  And one by one each boy left our home, to return back to their mothers and celebrate another occasion..Mother's day.  And because the day was cloudy and rainy, we, as a family, decided to hit up the much anticipated movie THOR.  And the little guy and I couldn't hold in all the excitement the summer line up of previews brought us. Because we knew that we would finally be able to enjoy them with the other man of the house.
   And my weekend ended early Sunday evening.  I was pooped! I got a surprise gift made by the little man in his art class, and a beautiful card.  And we all fell asleep on the living room couches.   And as I type here on a Monday night...both of my kids are sleeping in a tent.  They just had to give it one more good use before I take it down in the morning...who knows, I just might go join them after a quick workout.<3

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Couldn't Resist!!

   In honor of my girlish mood lately...I heard this song for the first time the other night...and both my little girl and I couldn't resist moving our body to this latest Beyonce tune!!  Typical Beyonce...Love It!!

♥ I Love Being A Girl...


     Well...after a long, almost two weeks, of INSANE workouts (including my regular running routine), I was a bit exhausted and ready to get my pretty on! And, together, my little girl and I decided to get our first pedicures.  I must say, that I have just recently found my 'Inner Girl' mode, and I do believe that I owe it all to my little diva.  She is more of a girly girl than I have ever been.  I have no idea where she gets it from, because as far as I can remember...I have always been tough as nails.  And for the three years that I had with my son, alone, i was just so use to telling him to 'toughen up' and 'shake it off'.  But the day that I had my little girl...things changed.  I had always hated the color pink, but since I was living with my two favorite guys...I was just so ready to bust out of the red and black stage and color my walls tickled pink.  I was finally so glad to even the field out with my new bundle of joy.  She is the best shopping buddy, and she has a great taste in fashion.  I can always trust her opinion in the dressing room...because it is true...little kids will always tell you the truth.  So I take full advantage of this, because I know that sooner or later the teen years will creep up on me, and I dread the day that she will no longer want my opinion or say in any matter.
    And now that she is a little bigger, I can easily take her out for girl outings...which I have been making a little more often.  My husband asked me today..."why are you trying to get all dolled up?",  "What is the occasion?"   The occasion is simply...celebrating my womanhood with my little girl!  What else reason can I give.  So no matter how crazy I think she looks when she walks down the stairs in full makeup and princess attire. Or how funny she sounds when she asks her coach "Where did you get your shoes?...I love them." when she goes up to bat...I am so proud and blessed to have a little girl of my own.  One, who no matter what I like, or think, already has a mind of her own at the age of 4.  It just proves to me that she will be a strong minded little lady.  I just hope that this all doesn't come back to nip me in the butt when she hits 16! <3

Friday, April 29, 2011

Sappy Memories...

    I'm feeling a little nostalgic tonight...(*note to my future kids: If your girlfriend/boyfriend in high school says they want to pass on prom because it is overrated...TAKE THEM TO PROM ANYWAY!!)

(Insert Head Here:)
    Another Disney movie has been scratched off the list.  And because the mister has been gone for quite a while, my weekends consist of kid movies.  And this weeks pick was no different.  Although I thought my children would opt for the new 3D cartoon movie, they shocked me when they said they wanted to see the new Disney movie 'PROM'.  It came as a shock because both of my kids are still in single digits of age.  Of course my baby girl wanted to see it the most.  She is my 'little diva', and she is really into fashion.  And her face glowed when she saw the dresses the teens were wearing in this movie.  Sometimes I believe she is growing a little faster in her head than in her body.  And I never thought my tough manly son would ever want to see a chick flick.  But it was the first time that he said he wanted Adrianna to pick the movie!  The movie was cute, and girly but it had me thinking of my high school sweetheart...the mister!
    And I wasn't thinking about missing him...I was thinking more about the insane reason he never took me to prom.  Of course we began getting a little closer around spring time of our junior year.  And although we both had feelings for each other, he had already asked another girl to the prom.  So, as tough and nonchalant as I was, I just brushed it off my shoulder and waited until he called me after prom...which he did.  And because the girl was from a different school, I didn't have to worry about running into her after the occasion.  And the crazy part was...our first outside date, the first time he was introduced to my mother, was on this very day.  The day I went around town, running errands, and helping him get ready for an occasion that I would never get to experience with him.  But, I must say, it was one of my favorite days with him.
   The following year we were still a couple.  And we were SENIORS!  And at the beginning of the year, I just knew that we would make this prom better than the previous year.  But the talk of prom was very little.  It seemed that most of our friends were not even attending.  And when the time came, he looked at me and said..."do you really want to go?"  And at that point it didn't seem that exciting.  It was a little expensive, and we always had more fun cuddling at home.  So, we decided to pass on the prom, and eat in.  I never really minded.  Nothing new really happened.  But it wasn't until my little girl started asking questions about prom, that I really started regretting the whole situation.
    It started with a simple question..."Mom, when you were little...did you go to prom?"  I, then, decided to bust out the old photos.  And my favorite picture of the mister when we were teens was his prom picture. (The solo one...that is.)  He looked so handsome and well put in his suit.  And my daughter's eyes gleamed when she saw her daddy dressed so nicely in front of the starry, cloudy canvas background.  Then I decided to tell her that he didn't take me to the prom.  "Awww...why didn't he take you to prom?" she said with her lip all puckered pink.  "Because he took another blond girl instead!"  I said with disgust.  "Well if I ever see her...I'm gonna pull her hair out!" she exclaimed waving her tiny little rounded fist in the air.  She always seems to put a smile on my face...because she seems to grow more and more like me everyday!

   Afterwards, she looks to me and says, "when I get bigger, we can go to prom together."  And at that point I smile and grab my tiny tape recorder and say...."Can you repeat those words one more time, straight into the microphone?!?" <3

Happy Friday Tunes!

   I'm still going strong with the new workout, and I'm still keeping up with the running.  So far so good.  And I'm seeing some results already!!  Love this workout.  Anyways, I feel the need to post another song I'm running to in the gym.  Love this song...all her songs seem to be such a motivation.  Happy Friday!<3